The trust machine to remove paper and frustration from the certification and compliance.
No cryptocurrency. No tokens. No BS.

BlockChain Mate is unlike any other solution for managing data between organisations that need to trust each other, not necessarily having to share the original “payload” or content.  You just need to know that is authentic.

This may be for data privacy reasons.  It may be for legal reasons. It may be for commercial reasons. But connection is essential.

It is not a document or data exchange or a document management system .

BlockChain Mate is an invitation-only, subscription-based, ultra-secure series of application specific, private blockchains. Rather than storing unstructured data on the blockchain, it transmits and holds your content using a standardised system of codes and encryption methods.

BlockChain Mate provide the independent verification infrastructure for “on” and "off-chain" items. In an off-chain item, only the authentication hash of the item’s payload is embedded inside the chain, alongside the item’s keys and other metadata. The payload itself can be stored locally by the publisher and propagated to the information stream’s subscribers using peer-to-peer file sharing techniques, with the on-chain hash providing verification.

Virtually any application can be developed and validated using BlockChain Mate’s trusted infrastructure. Example solutions are personnel or asset certification, contracts, security applications  — anywhere trusted and immutable data plays a crucial role.

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